Skydiving With a Beach Landing

I recommend everyone to do THIS. Now, I know some people may be like “hell no!” but hear me out…

Location: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Decision of the day: go for a hike or skydive. Hello! We’ve hiked a million times already, and I can go for a hike everyday (I don’t… but I can) So, I’m going skydiving! 

Anyway, let’s fast forward. 

We’re there, just sitting waiting for the instructors. I skydived the day after I bungee jumped so my adrenaline was a little numb at this point. Until I saw the world’s smallest plane pull up. The instructors did their best to keep us calm but there’s no calming down when your about to jump out of a plane. It’s high energy all the way through. 

We board the plane… I’m sorry I should say… We casually walked onto the plane, and just sat. My frumpy legs were less than five inches from the back end. Now, I’m buggin’. To put a nice image in your head, I was sitting in the instructors lap because we are attached at this point, no such thing as a personal bubble now, my dude. 

We weren’t in the air long when the door flew open, a loud sound filled the plane and the only way out was by jumping.

My friend jumped first, I watched as they jumped and their bodies flung to the right. Now, it’s my turn. I was super excited. You know when you laugh, smile and scream all at the same time, like when you’re on a rollercoaster? Yeah, it’s a physical emotion we all show that doesn’t happen often, but when it does its like your insides are screaming “we’re alive! This is amazing!” That was me in this moment. 

They told us the free fall for some feels like 3 seconds and to others it feels like an eternity. For me, it felt closer to the 3 seconds. My eyes were closed but I felt my body flipping, then shoot up when he pulled the parachute. We were crusin’. 

The concept is so funny to me, we were literally just floating in the sky.

I got to control the parachute at one point. If you pull one way for a little too long you just keep spinning in circles, every motion sickness person’s worst nightmare (me). We got closer and closer to the ground and again I started panicking because it looked like we were gonna land right in the middle of a road. That didn’t happen though, we landed right on the beach. “WOW” was all I could think.

We hopped on the back of the pick up truck to drive back to the base. The freedom of the wind blowing my hair all around and not giving a rat’s ass made me feel so alive.    

Who else has skydived before?

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