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Hey, how are we all doing? 

Please don’t bruise my ego, but dudes, I finally made a playlist I’m actually proud of.

I’ve been growing this playlist organically since January. I think the reason I appreciate it so much is because I made it for my upcoming trip to Thailand which obviously had to be canceled. So whenever I heard most of these songs up until the end of March I would imagine myself walking through the airport, or exploring friggin’ Thailand.

It’s okay though, everything happens for a reason, and either way I got a nice playlist out of it.      

I will put down the link to my Spotify, because I know you’re very eager to go listen, but for those of you who don’t have Spotify I’ll leave the top 15 that I really love. I’d say these are mostly in the indie genre which fits the beloved chill vibe nicely. 

Floors- Abhi Nomad

Giant- Matrimony

The Fool- Ryn Weaver

Gone- JR JR

I Want to Feel Alive- The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Bambi- Hippo Campus

Lucky- Choker

Falling for the Wrong One- Dreamer Boy

With You- A Sweet Little Love Song Demo- Valerie June

Stay Young- Mike Perry, Tessa Odden

Waterfall- Tim legend Remix

Revival- Sigala, Cheat Codes, MAX

Blossom- Milky Chance

1950- King Princess

Swing Swing- ayokay

Enjoy! I usually listen to all types of music. I’m always looking for new songs, so please don’t hesitate to share your favorites!

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