My Personal Contract

I, Jennifer Castronovo, will focus on creating a blog/website that people can read and relate to, while learning something new about themselves, and in general. I am determined to make sure I keep my ground and make this blog exactly how I want it to be and not let the voice of others interfere with my own. I want this to become a community where we are all finding ourselves, learning to take a breathe, and to be happy with where we are and realize that everything is how its supposed to be.

On this blog I want the bad days to be acknowledged and I want the good days to be celebrated. You can not feel the highest potential of happiness if you have not felt the lowest point of sadness. Remember that. I am still not sure what I am doing, or where I will be going with this. But I enjoy it. It is a positive outlet for me and I am hoping because of that it can be for others as well.  

I’m nervous to put myself out there, but I know I would not be able to live with myself if I don’t give this a chance. Stick around, it’s about to get real weird, happy, sad, funny, stupid, and eye-opening on this blog.

Here goes nothing…

November 14, 2018

Welcome to my blog! I am a 21 year old college student who was forced to write a personal story back when I was in a communications class. Little did I know I would fall in love with the idea of being able to share my travel adventures, hacks and my personal experiences. That is how this all started. I have big plans, and no plan at the same time. So, stick around :)

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