Entry 2-

Whenever I write my posts I like to always think what I’m saying is going to catch the right person, at the right moment, and my post will help them just as much as it has helped me by writing my thoughts down.

That was one of my reasons for starting my blog.

I would always say to myself there is no way I’m the only person who feels they can’t figure it out. I always felt that maybe sharing my thought process throughout my life can really help other people sit with comfort and get it figured out for themselves also.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

 Let me ramble on for a minute here. 

I am 21 and I’m still a freshman in college. I don’t care about this though. I know for a fact I am moving at the pace I’m supposed to. I have no shame in saying that because I know from the bottom of my gut that I’m doing what’s good for me. That is what will make me be the best version of myself, which honestly is all I give a shit about. 

I give a shit about how I feel every day, and I give a shit about my future path. As I have learned, I need to do what I want. 

I never shut people down, I always sit there and listen to advice from them. Yet, just because the person is older than you and has “been through it” doesn’t always mean their advice will be good for you. 

I had someone tell me once from being 20 to being 27 you will be such a different person than who you are now, better hopefully, but your life will be so different.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Now, obviously, I already assumed that, but sometimes I feel I forget there’s so much time for change. It’s easy to feel like what you’re doing today is dragging and feels repetitive, yet when you think about one or two years ago, so much in your life is different. 

What I think might happen in the future may end up the complete opposite. 

If you just keep trusting yourself, listening to your gut, taking advice, talking things out, and end up letting yourself make the final choice, you’ll be okay. Truthfully, you’ll be better than okay. 

I hope you can resonate with this and know that trusting yourself is powerful, and of course risky, but so could be listening to another person, It’s how you choose but remember you know better than anyone.

Welcome to my blog! I am a 21 year old college student who was forced to write a personal story back when I was in a communications class. Little did I know I would fall in love with the idea of being able to share my travel adventures, hacks and my personal experiences. That is how this all started. I have big plans, and no plan at the same time. So, stick around :)


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