About Me

Hey, I’m Jenn – and I blog about life 🙂

I began a love for writing when I had to share a personal story for one of my college courses. I decided to share it, and well, now here I am. Ever since then I have enjoyed posting and sharing on my blog.

What I write about…


I have been bartending for a little over a year and I love it! It teaches me so much about life, and myself. It also leaves me with some of the most wild and interesting stories to share.


I love to share my favorite make up, music, and simply just my opinion on things. I find that to be the best way to find the perfect product most of the time.

My Travels

After high school I took a gap year, which is how this blog started. I love writing about my travels, and hopefully they’ll be some new stories soon.

Figuring it out

Being in your early 20’s usually always leaves room for so many questions on your future, love, and simply life. I like to talk about this because I think theres nothing wrong with feeling a little confused.

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