Entry 3-

Today I needed to find some inspiration. 

For the first time this morning since we’ve been put in self- quarantine due to the CoronaVirus, I felt empty. 

I must have been having a dream and woke up feeling like I had to run to all these places. I quickly realized the only thing I could do was wait on a 30 minute Starbucks line. (I had to find a way to throw that in somehow). 

I felt the best way to try and fix this would be to read a little and attempt to free write. 

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I felt what could be better to write about then something that motivates me to keep myself sane. (As I hope I can do for all of you during these times).

Living in the now. Yeah, that’s what we are all doing. 

None of us got the choice to check the yes or no box, we all just have to live this way. Crazy right? Who woulda’ thought. Kind of humbling in a way.

This is obviously devastating, people are sick, businesses are shutting their doors for good, and children are not able to play at parks, it really is horrible. 

All we have been hearing though is the bad, so mentally we all try to find something positive in times like these. 

I read a book a while back called The Power Of Now, (A book I wrote out in a previous post) well between you and me I mostly skimmed it. Ironically while reading the book I couldn’t help but think about a million other things, and that made me so frustrated. 

After that happened I wondered, if I can’t even read a book about the power of the moment, how am I supposed to practice it? 

Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Immediately I thought, wow I am over thinking. I then continued to realize I personally don’t think there’s anything elaborate to it at all.  In one sentence, “living in the now” is telling you everything you need to do. Simply, live in the now.

I constantly remind myself to do this one small thing; Take a breath, maybe close my eyes for a second and remind myself to be in the moment. 

This is something I am practicing now so I don’t have all the answers, and this may not work for you, just like reading a book about it didn’t work for me. 

I noticed the second I stopped thinking too much about it, it became so easy and I enjoyed the moments I was living in. 

Take care of your inner-self today.

Welcome to my blog! I am a 21 year old college student who was forced to write a personal story back when I was in a communications class. Little did I know I would fall in love with the idea of being able to share my travel adventures, hacks and my personal experiences. That is how this all started. I have big plans, and no plan at the same time. So, stick around :)

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