Lessons From Poems

And so it begins… 

The year of stepping out of my comfort zone.

I feel the need to put this down in writing, for some odd reason I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing year for myself and the people around me. I have no idea why, but you best bet your butt I’m sprinting with that feeling. 

Fun fact about me: To this day, I have a lot of trouble expressing my feelings to others, when I was younger I used to write my mom hand written letters when I needed to get points across to her. I think I am finally realizing my writing can be way more powerful than I could even imagine.

I said I wanted to write more, but I want to write differently this year. I want to start writing poetry, I want to start getting deeper, I want to feel my own passion in my writing. I want to watch it help me and I want it to be preached by others. 

Just like when I started my blog, this is all completely new to me. It’s usually such a struggle for me to get myself to start something new but with this, I’m itching at the idea of beginning. 

Where I feel I should start is by finding my own voice, by writing prompts on how I relate to poems that spoke volumes to me.

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Pillow Thoughts 3 Mending the Mind

By: Courtney Peppernell

“It’s okay to take a break from the path. You can retreat, heal, and continue your journey when you feel stronger.” (Pg.55)

This is exactly what I did once, without even realizing strength is what I was looking for. Taking a “break” brought me to this exact moment right now. This point where I get to feel free and feel passion for something. I put the word break in quotes because some people may take the word the wrong way. Taking time off is very important as you have probably heard a million times already. It does not make you lazy, or a quitter, or if you want to go there, a failure, so just do it, god dammit. Taking my gap year after high school has made me who I am today and that is something I thank myself for. I was helpless after high school. Low self-esteem, feeling like I’ll accomplish little to nothing in my future, and fears of feeling like I will never find something I love to do everyday. Now, I laugh at those thoughts I had. I have given myself the time to understand who I want to become, or at least learn something new about me. I have given myself the chance to ignore what others will say, because now I know it shouldn’t matter. I have given myself the chance to do things I never thought I would do in this lifetime. 

Now, I will ask you if this is something you feel you need. If you think it is, do it now. Whether it’s packing a bag and traveling across the world or giving yourself an hour out of your day to do something for you. 

Don’t neglect yourself. 

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