No More Dreams, Only Actions

Are you surprised that once again I had an epiphany that I’m going to write about?

I learned a lot about myself in the past couple of months, and this metaphorical “flow” I’ve been trying to latch onto feels like I finally got on.. 

After two years of this constant whirlwind of trial and error I have finally got myself on a path where the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright. 

This is the fun part, the recap. 

I graduated highschool with the definite decision to take a gap year. In this time, I spent eight weeks in South Africa, the new year in Canada, and the springtime in Paris, as I’ve shared in previous posts. In between these trips I was working at a local gym with the goal of becoming a personal trainer. So, of course, without any exercise science background I decided I was going to become an amazing, well experienced trainer in the span of a year. At the time, my main source of education was 30 second instagram videos, and whoever I can stare at long enough at the gym in mid set before they get creeped out. After only a couple months did I have to take this exam. Understandably failing on two separate occasions. After this, I was shut down. So, naturally I simply quit. I gave up on the test and I quit my job at the gym all together.

I went almost half a month with no job and absolutely nothing to do, and with no idea what I was going to do next.

That’s when I made the choice to go to college. I’ve always had a job and weirdly enjoyed working, so I went to bartending school and that’s when my friend hooked me up with the job at the bar that I’m still at. 

After the first semester of college I was having a lot of trouble with working late night shifts and being in class all day the next day. So I decided to not go back the spring semester and see what happens with just working. 

Anddd now here I am. 

Not having a steady school schedule lets my mind think however it wants and whenever it wants. It is the most freeing feeling. But because of that I see all these amazing visions for my blog, work, and even insanely expensive activities that when I picture myself doing always sparks a tiny grin. 

These are just fragments of my imagination though. 

Everytime I think about them, the more real they get. Yet no matter how hard I imagine these things they’re not gonna happen unless I physically do them. There’s no more holding back. I’ve had these dreams for over a year now. I’m out of excuses.

What’s stopping you from turning your dreams into actions?

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