Thank You For Being Horrible

As I’ve brought up in previous posts, I run a podcast with my boss. It feels good to say that I have one, and it’s a lot of fun to make. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than just recording and posting the final product. There’s editing that needs to be done, a website that holds all the podcasts and short summarized blogs for each post. There’s a second website that we use to host the podcast to other apps like spotify, where we can also check the stats. Recently I got a huge life/business lesson from this. I want to share it because I think this can help someone else.

Even though I had a podcast and website with my boss, we did not have full ownership of it. We were site admins, which basically means we had access to edit and post things to the site. Ultimately, a third party (who I’ll call poop shoot)  was in control of all the account settings. Essentially, I was unable to view any billing information or anything like that.  

So the other day I logged onto the site and a message popped up saying the account was suspended. How did this happen? Of course I had no idea. I texted poop shoot assuming he wouldn’t be much help, but I thought maybe it would be the best starting point to resolving this issue, which it was.. Shortly after our useless conversation I started talking to people and they were able to give me the answers. 

  1. He has his own server. When he created our website,, he put the site under his server, so we are basically, as poop shoot refers to it, “his clients.”  


2. He suspended the site on purpose. 

I would need his account details to sort this out, it’s not possible for me to do anything without them. And obviously, I’m not gonna’ be getting those account details from him, there’s a reason why I’ve been calling him poop shoot the whole time.  

Here’s the beauty of this, yes, he totally played us and probably knew that he was going to shut the site down, and okay, maybe he knew we had no idea that he could do that BUT he honestly did me a favor. Because of this I am no longer one of his “clients” and have a clean slate . I learned so much about domain names, ownership, and just websites in general. Which gives me the confidence I need to rebuild everything on my own.

So poop shoot, thank you for being horrible. 

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Being Horrible

  1. Don’t let poop shoot get you down or take up any mental real estate. You’re a brilliant young woman with a future that looks astoundingly bright. I’m totally looking forward to you relaunching the podcast!

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