Coming To My Senses

I’ve been having this heavy thought on my mind and I decided what better to do then just to get it all out on paper. Things have been at a stand still. Everything has been very consistent in my life lately, which I can’t tell if I am loving or painfully hating. Anyway, it’s about my career path, which is the one thing I have been super bothered by for, well, forever now.

Here’s what has been happening.

Recently, I became the manager at the bar I bartend at. Feels pretty friggin’ good to say I’m not even of legal drinking age yet and have been trusted with the responsibility of managing a bar.

Before I got this position, I made my boss (who is also the owner) my mentor. I felt that with no college education I needed some sort of steady guidance, and who better than a man with three successful businesses who sees nothing but unstoppable potential in me?

I knew I would learn more from just him alone than sitting in a two hour lecture, where I was focusing harder on trying to hold in my burps so the cute guy next to me would keep flirting with me, just so I had motivation to actually go to the class the next week.

Shortly after all that, we created a podcast. Once a week we meet and record a solid 30 minute podcast about the bar, hospitality, and management. There’s always a topic we can ramble about and shed light on for our listeners. Every podcast I end up learning something new from him. We have the whole set up, mics, mic stands, a mixer and headphones. We turned the bar into our little studio and we have so much fun. We laugh at ourselves because we have no idea what we’re doing but we make it work.

After reflecting on how far I’ve come, I feel like sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit.

Can I work way harder though? Absolutely, 1000%.

I’m learning it’s important to sit back in a moment like this, and look back at where I was two years ago, and who I am now. I can’t help but want to just high five myself and be like “you good girl.”

If there’s one thing my mentor, Anthony, pushes to teach me and that the bar industry has clearly showed me so far, is that NOTHING will happen overnight. It’s a constant process of amazing days, horrible nights, endless screw ups, terrible disagreements, people trying to screw you over, and the drive to keep going no matter what struggles get in the way.

You have to become addicted to all of it, the whole process, not just the end results.

I started this blog in January and before that, it was a whole six month ordeal on whether I should even create it or not. Once I finally began, I felt great and I knew I had to keep going with it. Finally, after five more months of posting for myself, I took the leap of faith to share it.

For the people who take time out of their days to read my posts and reached out, and for the ones who have helped… My thank yous will just never be enough.

Now, I’ve challenged myself, so I won’t stop. Even though I know I’m going to find a reason to be stressed and not be in love with every post, I won’t stop.  

What would it take for you to achieve a goal you have set out to accomplish?

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