39 Days of Summer

I am not surprised that I’ve waited a full month to get another post up. I’m getting sick and tired of my lack of self discipline. So, I created a challenge for myself. Im calling it 39 days of summer. I will be writing a new post everyday for 39 days. Why 39 days? If I’m going to be completely transparent here it’s literally just the number I thought of and I felt it had a nice ring to it. Plus this will be the first time I am really pushing myself to write, and well, I have no idea what to expect here.

After my last post I have been feeling so much better. I have been working on myself a lot and I feel that I am ready for a push. I have met my self-care goals, with the exception of missing a natural hair mask here and there but no one needs to know about that…

I thought about doing this when I felt myself struggling trying to write again. The second I thought of the idea I was pumped, ready to take on this challenge; but five seconds after my hype, the self doubt started rolling in.

You won’t be able to write everyday

You don’t have enough ideas

You’re not a strong enough writer

What if you miss a day?

GEEZ. I could keep going but now it’s just getting depressing. I was bothered by all my thoughts for a little but this time I decided to add one positive thought with every negative one I had. And WOW. It really friggin worked.

You won’t be able to write every day. Why not? I talk everyday. Wake up 20 minutes earlier, find a nice spot and ramble your thoughts onto paper.

You don’t have enough ideas. This is just a ridiculous thought. The amount of things to write about are endless.

You’re not a strong enough writer. Ok, yeah, I might not have a masters in english but thank god for google.

What if I miss a day? Alright, I’ll be disappointed if I miss a day but I bet I will. That’s the whole point of me putting myself to the test and if I fail it wouldn’t be the first time and it definitely won’t be the last time.

After I got all my thoughts in order I decided to do it. I also felt the need to do this to maybe help me find more of a niche with my blog. So fair warning, there is no organization to these posts. I am just going to write.

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